Tracker Locate

Thatcham CAT 6 Premium VHF, and GPS/GSM, Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

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Tracker Monitor

Thatcham CAT 7 VHF Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

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Tracker Retrieve

Thatcham CAT 7 Battery powered VHF Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. Ideal for tracking a stolen Motor bike, trailer, caravan or horse box.

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Why Choose TRACKER

  • TRACKER are the European market leaders for stolen vehicle tracking systems
  • TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery system that is operated by all UK police forces
  • TRACKER use VHF technology which is totally unique to TRACKER, no other system in the world uses it
  • TRACKER VHF technology is supported across 30 countries
  • TRACKER is immune to GPS jammers often used by sophisticated car thieves
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Installation Anywhere

Your TRACKER will be installed by one of TRACKER'S approved engineers. The installation can be completed at ANY UK address, we come to you.

Whats the process?

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered