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Are you living in a vehicle theft hotspot and could GPS car tracking devices help?

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It goes without saying that nobody wants to have their vehicle stolen, but can where you live make a difference when it comes to the likelihood of becoming a victim of car theft? And could your location mean you are a risk of inadvertently purchasing a stolen vehicle?

Well, according to latest research carried out by HPI (, the UK’s most respected vehicle history checking company, people living in certain areas of the country are far more likely to suffer at the hands of criminals, be that by having their car stolen, or by being sold a vehicle dishonestly.

HPI’s analysis of 76 areas in the UK has revealed that East Anglia and south west London are the primary hotspots for vehicle theft, while Cambridge and Essex are also ranked as areas where drivers face an increased chance of having their vehicle stolen. In these four areas, the HPI discovered a high number of vehicles with a suspect history, meaning they have either been written off, have outstanding finance, or have been previously reported as having been stolen.

The Benefits of GPS Car Tracking Devices

By installing a GPS car tracking device, you will not only be afforded additional peace of mind, but you will be protecting your property in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Approximately 15,000 cars that were listed for sale in 2015 had previously been reported stolen, according to HPI, but a quality GPS car tracking device could greatly diminish the chance of your vehicle becoming part of that already concerning figure.

GPS Car Tracking Devices are a Viable Solution

Each month, Just Tracker devices result in approximately £1 million worth of vehicles being recovered. But, as well as assisting in the retrieval of the vehicle, GPS car tracking devices mean the ongoing fight against car criminals is taking a turn for the better.

Sophisticated and state-of-the-art Just Tracker GPS tracking technology can protect your vehicle, even if it should it end up being stolen. For an advanced and competitively-priced tracking system to defend your vehicle against criminals, look no further than Just Tracker.

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