TRACKER - Important Vehicle Tracking System Statistics

The number of stolen vehicles in the UK that are recovered by a vehicle tracking system has actually fallen to a new low, with just a third finding their way back to their owners!... However...

  • However, 90% of vehicles fitted with a TRACKER vehicle tracking system are returned to their owners, and 80% of those are recovered within 24 hours.
  • The number of stolen vehicles recovered has fallen from 75% to 39%,
  • 71%* of stolen vehicles are never found, leaving little hope for UK car owners.
  • The constantly evolving tactics of car criminals are to blame for a lack of recoveries.
  • Organised gangs have moved in and taken over from the joy riders and amateurs of the past.
  • New age car theft gangs are sophisticated, ruthless and have the facilities and know-how to move a stolen vehicle on, often overseas, with incredible speed.
  • However Home Office statistics demonstrate that with a TRACKER fitted, the chances of a swift recovery are increased dramatically.
  • In the past year alone, TRACKER has recovered and returned vehicles worth over £10million to their rightful owners.
  • Higher priced bracket used vehicles, worth £10,000 – £25,000 were the least likely to be recovered, as they are often worth more stripped for parts and then shipped abroad.
  • The make least likely to be recovered was Land Rover, with just 20% of those stolen recovered.
  • In just 1 month TRACKER vehicle tracking system recovered 29 Land Rovers worth over £800,000 in total.
  • TRACKER has seen an increase in demand for stolen vehicle recovery units for high value used cars.
  • It is common for criminal gangs to break-up higher-end used vehicles to sell as parts in other countries, the majority of vehicles TRACKER recovers are found intact.”
  • Used by all 52 police forces, TRACKER’s products incorporate GSM, GPS and VHF technology in one unit, making a TRACKER branded unit resilient to common tactics used by criminals, such as ‘jamming’, where a GPS or GSM signal is blocked.
  • The TRACKER Mesh Network further increases the chances of catching and convicting thieves and returning vehicles to their owners.

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered