My TRACKER - Track your vehicle anytime

Check up on your vehicle anytime you like!

MyTRACKER is a special TRACKER website which lets you see your vehicle online anytime, and from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is log in to the MyTRACKER website.

You can use MyTRACKER from any phone, computer, tablet or laptop, making it very easy to check in anytime.

With MyTRACKER you can set up security alerts for that extra peace of mind, these can be set indefinitely or just short term if your going away on a trip somewhere and leaving your car somewhere that concerns you.

MyTRACKER can also be used to plan routes, this feature incorporates live traffic information, to help you plan the most efficient route for your journey.

Viewing detailed driving reports is also something you do with MyTRACKER. You can even use it to set up reminders for yourself, like service due, MOT due or Tax due.


You can get detailed information about a specific location, and get the best driving directions to it factoring in live traffic information, congestion zones, roadworks. You can also view speed camera locations within the map detail

you can view detailed information of traffic information, congrestion zone and best driving directions


You can view 2 different report sets in MyTRACKER - Journey reports and Event reports.

You can view reports and download them for;

  • Start and stop location
  • Date and time
  • Average speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Fuel used
  • Co2 emissions

MyTracker Dashboard

MyTRACKER has a very easy to understand dashboard that summarises the cars distance travelled, what roads were used on the journey, and what speeds were driven.

A helpful feature of MyTRACKER is the total Co2 emissions and fuel costs summary for the month, shown in a quick summary for you on the dashboard.

graphical dashboard of tracker stats


Setting useful reminders for yourself could not be easier with MyTRACKER. It is quickly done using the reminder tool within the MyTRACKER settings.

A reminder can be anything you want, for example;

  • MOT due dates
  • Car Service due
  • Insurance renewal required

A MyTRACKER reminder set up by you can be sent to you by text, email or both if you like.

The security alert feature of MyTRACKER is a very good tool if you are going away and leaving your car parked somewhere like an airport car park. As soon as the engine is started you will receive a notification alerting you to this. This gives you the chance to respond accordingly to the violation the moment it occurs.

It is possible to also set up a Geofence zone for your car. This will then alert you should the vehicle travel outside of it.


You can see a historic view of your journeys through MyTRACKER. It is also possible to compare your past journeys against your new ones.

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered