Reasons To Choose TRACKER

  1. TRACKER was the first tracking device in the UK
  2. TRACKER are the UK market leaders for car tracker and stolen vehicle tracking systems
  3. TRACKER is supported and operated by all police forces across the UK
  4. TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery system that is operated by all UK police forces
  5. TRACKER were founded in 1993, so have over 20 years of experience
  6. TRACKER is a GLOBAL stolen vehicle recovery system
  7. TRACKER use VHF technology which is totally unique to TRACKER, no other system in the UK uses it
  8. TRACKER VHF technology is supported across 30 countries
  9. TRACKER is immune to GPS jammers often used by sophisticated car thieves
  10. TRACKER has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO), they are the first system to achieve this
  11. TRACKER has off-site backup and disaster recovery systems in place.

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered