Thatcham Research

Thatcham is actually the name of a place just outside Newbury, Berkshire.

Thatcham is home to an internationally recognised, and highly regarded, automotive research and technology centre. It provides valuable information to both the Automotive and insurance industries. The information supplied is through their own research and development.

Thatcham research was founded in 1969 by the motor insurance industry. Its purpose was, and still is today, to reduce the cost of motor insurance claims, whilst ensuring that the highest possible safety standards are maintained.

Thatcham research is the UK’s only ‘not for profit’ insurer funded research centre. Thatchams core purpose remains today, however their expertise has extended itself towards vehicle technology research, ensuring that security and safety products are evaluated and tested to a core set of standards set by the insurance industry.

Thatcham research is funded by over 30 major UK insurance members. Thatcham employ 180 people, who are all based at their state of the art vehicle research lab in Berkshire.

Thatcham research and standards ensure that motorists benefit from quality standards in vehicle security and safety, and deliver more cost effective insurance claims.

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered