TRACKER Approved Installation

Your new Tracker will be installed by one of Trackers very own approved engineers, an approved engineer will come to you, at any UK address you want.

A Tracker approved installer is highly skilled, and is fully qualified by Tracker themselves.

You are backed up by our knowledgeable customer service team, JustTRACKER guarantee an efficient service and installation from start to finish.

Its easy

Our extensive UK network of Tracker approved engineers will install your Tracker at any location that is convenient to you - any time, day or night. If you have a fleet of vehicles, we understand how important keeping everything moving is, so don’t worry we will work hard to fit around you and your work schedules.

Be assured

Tracker installations comply with the latest Thatcham standards. All engineers are experienced and fully qualified Tracker specialists. A Tracker install takes around 1 hour to complete. The Tracker is tested and then activated for you.


All JustTRACKER customers receive a FULL Tracker warranty. Should anything need support after installation you will receive a fast efficient service.

The order process

  1. Place your order today with us - Phone or Web
  2. You are then contacted by us to qualify your order and confirm all necessary vehicle details
  3. You are then contacted by Tracker UK to arrange for an approved engineer to come and fit your new Tracker product
  4. A Tracker approved installer comes to your chosen installation address and fits your new Tracker unit
  5. Your Tracker is tested on site by the approved installer
  6. Tracker UK activate your Tracker unit
  7. Peace of mind, you're covered with the best Tracking device available

Tracker Stats at a glance (per month):

Total value recovered£950,800
41Total number of vehicles recovered