TRACKER Locate (CAT 6 Car Tracking Device)

£607.00 (Inc. VAT)
Fits ANY car
TRACKER approved installation included
1 year subsciption included in base price
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  • Product Description

    TRACKER Locate is a comprehensive car tracking device and stolen vehicle recovery system available from TRACKER. It will protect you from the most professional criminals.

    Like TRACKER Monitor and Retrieve, TRACKER Locate is a discrete module that can be totally hidden away, never to be seen or found, if fitted by a TRACKER approved engineer. The average time taken to recover a vehicle fitted with a TRACKER Locate is within 6 hours of theft.

    TRACKER Locate is equipped with the same VHF technology that is inside Retrieve and Monitor, making it impossible to hide your vehicle and shield the TRACKER from the Police forces TRACKER detecting equipment.

    In addition to the patented VHF technology TRACKER Locate is equipped with TRACKER MESH. This advanced technology means that your car will be tracked by other vehicles fitted with TRACKER units, they will send alerts to TRACKER and the Police if they pass your stolen vehicle.

    New TRACKER Locate customers can now view their vehicle on-line using the My TRACKER website. My TRACKER offers a host of useful information and features such as detailed driving and journey reports, route mapping and security alerts.

    TRACKER Locate features:

    • Patented VHF technology, GSM and GPS location tracking means your car can be found no matter where it is hidden, even if that is underground, or in sealed containers
    • Dual protection circuits protecting against both GPS/GSM signal jammers
    • Motion sensors inside ready to detect any unauthorised movement
    • Full access to the MY TRACKER website
    • Tracker MESH network for supremely fast and accurate tracking and location
    • Full UK wide support from the police - 1700 police cars & 30 police helicopters equipped with TRACKER car finding equipment
    • Full tracking coverage in France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain included
    • Full access to the My TRACKER website
    • The TRACKER Mesh Network for even faster and more accurate tracking and location
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    TRACKER's service to you - TRACKER Locate

    1. Notify

    As soon as your vehicle is stolen, TRACKER are notified immediately, the motion sensors inside take care of this for you.

    2. Activate

    TRACKER then activate your TRACKER Locate unit. Which alerts all UK police forces.

    3. Track

    The 1700 police cars, 30 police helicopters and TRACKER MESH network are then able to be used in the fast and efficient pursuit and recovery of your vehicle.

    4. Secure

    As soon as your vehicle is located a uniformed unit will be sent to wait with your vehicle, securing it until an appropriate recovery vehicle arrives to collect it.

    5. Recover

    Your vehicle is recovered and promptly returned to you.

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