TRACKER Retrieve - Battery powered tracker (CAT 7)

£358.00 (Inc. VAT)
Fits ANY car
TRACKER approved installation included
1 year subsciption included in base price
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  • Product Description

    TRACKER Retrieve was the first TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery product to be released to market over 20 years ago! TRACKER Retrieve is now a battery powered tracking unit, which makes it the perfect solution for assets, or vehicles, where power is not available all of the time. for example caravan tracker, motorbike tracker

    Retrieve is a small black box that is fitted by a TRACKER approved engineer. You won’t see anything, it is completely hidden when it is installed in to your vehicle. It is in sleep mode until TRACKER activates it after being notified by you that your vehicle has been stolen. This is where it wakes up and starts communicating with the UK’s Police forces.

    VHF tracking technology is standard across the TRACKER range, so TRACKER Retrieve is equipped with it. This is totally unique to the TRACKER range of stolen vehicle recovery units, no other brand of tracking unit on the market has this technology.

    A VHF signal can not be shielded even if your vehicle is parked underground, in a garage/lockup, or even put in a sealed shipping container, it can still be detected, no matter where the thief puts your vehicle.

    TRACKER Retrieve is Ideal as a:
    • Caravan tracker
    • Trailer tracker
    • Horsebox tracker
    • Motorbike tracker
    • Boat tracker

    Key Tracker Retrieve Features:

    • Patented VHF technology means your pride and joy can be found no matter where it is hidden, even if that is underground, or in sealed containers
    • Invincible to signal jammers used by professional thieves
    • TRACKER Retrieve is battery powered. Life span of the internal battery is 5 years
    • Full UK wide support from the police - 1700 police cars and 30 police helicopters equipped with Tracker vehicle finding equipment
    • Full tracking coverage in France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain included.
    Tracker Retrieve - battery powered gps caravan tracker thumbnail We sell only TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery products

    TRACKER's service to you - TRACKER Retrieve

    1. Notify

    As soon as you realise your vehicle is stolen, notify TRACKER immediately.

    2. Activate

    TRACKER then activate your Retrieve unit. Which notifies all UK Police forces.

    3. Track

    The 1700 police cars and 30 police helicopters are then able to be used in the pursuit and recovery of your vehicle.

    4. Secure

    As soon as your vehicle is located a uniformed unit will be sent to wait with your vehicle, securing it until an appropriate recovery vehicle arrives to collect it.

    4. Recover

    Your vehicle is recovered and promptly returned to you.

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